Capital city to capital cityDistance
Adelaide to Melbourne723 KM
Adelaide to Perth2699 KM
Adelaide to Darwin3036 KM
Adelaide to Katherine2719 KM
Adelaide to Tennant Creek2057 KM
Adelaide to Alice Springs1535 KM
Road distances

Distances in KMs measured over quickest route

Distance between A and B is 844 KM

Alice Springs
508Tennant Creek

NB# Please make freight available the day prior to departure x SA, as transport spaces are tight on days of travel.

NB# Please ensure paperwork is clear & concise with details with contact details including name, phone number and email address.

From: who, what, Qty of items/cartons,
To: who, where & when by
Importantly define :- (H) cms x (L) cms x (W) cms & weight

NB# Subject to change re Public Holidays or not enough freight to make trip viable

Please check to confirm - bookings "specials" will need to be in writing & subject to availability of vehicles/equipment for that destination. ABC Transport will undertake to find transport to meet your requirements.