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Presentation for transportation:
Always use suitable 'strong/solid'pallets that are in good condition. Enables support and security of product provided for carriage.

Stack cartons tightly. Avoid any overhang as this can put the freight at risk of being exposed to potential damage from other loaded freight. Shrink-wrap product together [square & tight] and encapsulate pallet to hold items to pallet, without sliding off. Protect your products with some form of cardboard, bubble wrap or plastic wrap; to prevent rubbing, scratching or any marking to your product. Banding or strapping is recommended for heavy items to secure them to the pallet. If your goods are of a 'fragile' or 'Top Load only' nature, use large "BOLD" label/stickers to identify/signify.

Odd/larger/Bulky Items
Refer above requirement still apply also - packing methods should ensure safe handling and transportation. Items that cannot be lifted by a forklift should be clearly noted at the time of quote / booking! Freight should reflect correct lifting points / Centre of balance, and any instructions. If specialised lifting equipment is required, please give advance notice to allow us to make the correct arrangements.

Please note that such provisions may incur additional charges.